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Discover our Honeycell® Collection

Explore our wide-ranging honeycomb fabric line, where versatility meets elegance. From plain variations to exquisite woven pieces, this vast selection caters to diverse design needs with a variety of transparencies, cell sizes, and both full-tone and duo-tone options. Harnessing the power of a cellular structure, these fabrics contribute to energy conservation and noise reduction, making them an outstanding choice in the cellular fabric market.

Original perfection

Honeycell de Luxe

Deluxe Book

Explore our latest premium, textured woven Honeycell® fabrics, combining beauty, function, and sustainability. Our diverse range features earth tones and unique prints, inspired by the skillful honeycomb structure of bees. The collection seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with performance, introducing nature's perfection to your spaces. Experience the superior choice in cellular fabrics.

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Honeycell Essentail

Essential Book

Our latest non-woven Honeycell® fabrics merge beauty, sustainability, and functionality. Inspired by nature's harmony, this diverse collection reflects our admiration for natural artistry. Echoing the efficiency of bee-crafted honeycomb structures, Honeycell® fabrics offer timeless elegance. Embracing nature's wisdom, our collection blends design and performance, introducing nature's perfection into your spaces. Experience superior cellular fabrics.

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Care and maintenance

To clean a Honeycell® fabric, soak the fabric in a solution of 30˚C water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, remove excess water and hang to dry naturally while closing and opening a few times. Avoid chemicals and ironing. Metallized and black-out variants are not washable - gently wipe with a damp cloth or use professional cleaning services. Honeycell® fabrics are strictly for indoor use; we're not liable for damages from cleaning or insects. Cleaning results may vary.

Our total Honeycomb concept