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Coulisse Takes Center Stage at R+T 2024

With Grand Showcase of Motionblinds Smart Technology and Sustainable Textiles

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Celebrating Double Triumph with R+T Innovation Awards for Groundbreaking Advancements

Coulisse is celebrating a resounding success at R+T Stuttgart 2024, the world's leading trade fair for sun shading systems, securing two prestigious R+T Innovation Awards for groundbreaking advancements with its smart technology brand, Motionblinds. The event, being held from February 19-23, 2024, is witnessing Coulisse's impressive demonstration of Motionblinds in action with partners Eve and ABB, as well as tech giants Samsung and Google. Alongside is the Coulisse-Lienesch booth showcasing the latest textile innovation with an array of collections including recycled yarns and FSC®-certified bamboo.

Spotlight on Motionblinds

The Motionblinds booth, covering 1,100 square meters, unveils the latest smart motors featuring Matter-over-Thread technology in collaboration with partners Eve, ABB, Samsung, and Google. Representatives from these industry leaders and tech giants will be on-site. Located at the entrance, the expansive booth highlights a holobox, immersive experience, and live demonstrations of smart devices in action within the smart home room. In addition, a striking 26-meter video screen showcases the future of smart living with Motionblinds, as well as exclusive AI-generated Living Beauty video footage from acclaimed photographer Jasper Abels.

Christiaan Roetgering, CEO of Coulisse: “In a world where everything is getting smarter, we understand that window coverings play a pivotal role in energy conservation, safety, and overall well-being, impacting everyone's lives. As pioneers, we're leading the way into the future with Motionblinds smart technology, revolutionizing both smart homes and commercial buildings. This commitment to a smarter future is reflected in our partnerships with Eve, ABB and tech giants Google, and Samsung. While Coulisse brings expertise in interior sun shading, our partners bring invaluable knowledge in smart devices and networks. Together, we're propelling smart and sustainable living into a new era.”

World premiere: complete smart motor range

In the Innovation Zone at the center of the Motionblinds booth at R+T, the complete range of Motionblinds all-in-one smart solutions will be premiered together for the first time. With Motionblinds first official launch at R+T in 2018, this comprehensive smart motor line-up is designed for all types of interior shading. Motionblinds caters to smart home and smart buildings with convenient USB-C rechargeable battery motors and reliable wired solutions tailored for commercial projects. With built-in Eve technology featuring Matter-over-Thread, the Eve Motionblinds range offers an effortless user experience, ensuring 100% data privacy and interoperability across smart homes platforms, including Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Alexa.

Motionblinds: two-time innovation award winner

Coulisse is honored to receive two Innovation Awards at the R+T Stuttgart 2024 event, recognizing the excellence of Motionblinds with built-in Eve technology. The first award, in the 'Building Automation' category, celebrates the groundbreaking Adaptive Shading feature. This technology allows shades to intuitively adjust according to the sun, optimizing natural light and energy efficiency based on the geographical location and orientation of the window. The second award, in the 'Interior Sun Shading Systems' category, highlights the innovative Smart Frame. Making its debut at R+T, this new solution is the world's first solar-powered motorized pleated and honeycomb blind in a magnetic frame, specially designed for drill-free installation in tilt and turn windows and doors.

Coulisse-Lienesch unveils inspiring textiles

The Coulisse-Lienesch booth stands as a testament to the collaborative strength since the acquisition of Lienesch on January 1, 2024. This strategic collaboration solidifies a unified approach for customers seeking a comprehensive product range from a single, industry-leading supplier. The exhibition unveils the latest strides in textile innovation, presenting carefully curated collections featuring textured fabrics, recycled yarns, energy efficient Honeycell® and FSC®-certified bamboo for venetian blinds, aligning with the on-trend tones of 2024. Capturing the limelight is the Fundament collection for roller and pleated blinds – an affordable and essential foundation for every assortment.

Grand opening: new showroom and warehouse

Following the R+T event, Coulisse is preparing for the highly anticipated opening of its brand-new Motionblinds showroom in Enter, the Netherlands. Scheduled to officially launch at the end of February 2024, this state-of-the-art showroom is designed to provide hands-on demonstrations, trainings, and valuable insights, contributing to the global promotion and sales of Motionblinds. At the same time, progress on the new Coulisse Campus is underway. The first milestone will be the 15,000 square meter warehouse 13 meters high of which 2,000 square meters will be automated and set to be operational in Spring 2024. This marks an exciting period of growth and innovation for Coulisse.

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