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Clientstory- Unilux, Brazil

Unilux is creating next-generation window solutions in Brazil with the help of Coulisse

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Innovative partnership

Talking from the head office in São José in Santa Catarina, Marketing Manager of Unilux Ivan Pereira Rodrigues explains the benefits of being a value-added partner of Coulisse. In partnership with Coulisse, Unilux embraces innovation and technology in the window covering industry. With 110 employees and over 24 years of experience, the company delivers a total solution of fabric collections, systems and smart motors to the southeast region of Brazil and neighbouring country Paraguay. Founded in 1998, Unilux officially became a member of the Coulisse family in 2015 and has been turning ideas into intelligent solutions ever since.

Life before Coulisse

Ivan reveals, “Before we met Coulisse we had a very different approach. We used to work with a lot of different companies, which brought a number of challenges to the table. As the fabrics arrived from different suppliers, there was often a lot of inconsistency with the quality of the batches and everything was more adhoc. In 2012 we decided to start investing more in our machinery and products and improve our production and processes.”

We just click

“By 2015, we were ready and could move forward with Coulisse as a partner. This was the turnaround point for us. We started with Screen as our first product, which followed very quickly with the rest of the Coulisse assortment.” Why Coulisse? Ivan enlightens further, “We just have a click. Connecting on the same values and culture. It’s easy – we just match and have the same vision and mission to be leading in this industry.”

“Coulisse really walk the talk. We can leverage their innovative and creative strength”

Coulisse's total solution

What did Coulisse do to make all the difference? Ivan explains, “Now we have one main source, who offers a total solution. This means that today we can offer all the fabrics, systems and Motionblinds smart technology as one complete concept. Everything is designed to match and work seamlessly together. Not only does this guarantee superior quality, reliability and consistency for our clients, it actually makes our lives easier in the workplace.”

No-brainer for us

All the Unilux team were on board straightaway. Ivan remembers, “It was a no-brainer. All our technical team could straightaway see the advantages of having fabrics, hardware and smart motors that interconnect perfectly. As a window covering specialist, Coulisse sees the bigger picture. They create blinds and not single components. Developing everything with the end results in mind. Taking the headache away, it was easy to get started. The products were user-friendly and worked interchangeably, making them easy to assemble, install and keep stock.”

Successful gameplan

Like all partners, Coulisse enjoys giving Unilux the means to fly. As Ivan confirms, “Coulisse offer us everything we need. From technical know-how to inspirational marketing content. They think along with us and help resolve any problems straightaway.” The best bits? Coulisse have really helped us over the years to elevate our strategy and proposition. Together we continue to implement a successful gameplan.

Love sparring together

We love sparring with our like-minded experts at Coulisse. Sharing ideas and collaborating. It is a partnership that is heading in the same direction. We both want to improve and innovate, create and inspire.” The future? Ivan discloses, “It’s exciting times for us. We are keen to keep travelling the world to gain inspiration and connect with big leaders in the market. And of course, that means a stop at the headquarters of Coulisse.”

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