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The story behind Re-Essential

Following the huge success of our popular Essentials 3003 screen, we have developed a new screen innovation: Re-essential. Why is Re-Essential so special? Our Re-Essential fabric looks like PVC but is in fact PVC free. It is a great environmental choice with all the benefits of its predecessor.

Re-Essential - the sustainable choice

Made from 90% recycled PET bottles and 10% Polyester, Re-Essentials is good for the planet using less energy, water and CO2 emission during production. With intelligent heat and light management features, this screen is a must for any future-proof building. Creating safe, comfortable and energy-efficient spaces for people to live and work. With seven timeless colors to choose from, it is perfect for any home of office interior. Why not order a free swatch today and see for yourself?

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The recycled yarns collection

As we take responsibility for our ecological footprint, we have put more focus into making sustainable textiles. This is why we have developed our new eco-friendly collection: Recycled Yarns - which is available in sheer, light filtering and black-out fabrics. Just like Re-Essentials, these unique natural-looking fabrics have been designed to have a low impact on the environment by using recycled materials and/or produced in a responsible way. View the entire collection.

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A better future

At Coulisse, we always look to the future. This is why we aim to contribute to a better and cleaner world. We do this with our EcoLuxury range, investing in sustainable products, restoring the local heritage and supporting Trashpackers in their mission to clean up beaches around the world. Are you interested in knowing more? Click on the button below.

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