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A new way of shopping

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A new way of shopping

During the latest decade, people have become familiar with a new way of shopping. The first decisions and selections typically no longer involve face-to-face contact. Now, it takes place online. This major shift has brought many changes, as the online orientation nowadays is an important part of the customer journey. The omni-channel approach has proven to be the most viable business model. This led to online players opening shops and traditional retailers focusing on e-commerce. The key to success in these changes? A valid strategy and multi-channel marketing.

Consumers are more and more used to digital comforts that make everyday life easier. A new way of shopping accelerated due to COVID-19. Our French partner Sodiclair, specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of blinds and curtains, perfectly adapted themselves to this new approach. Already in 2011, they shifted their focus from physical stores to online by launching the website A decision that ‘saved’ the company during the lockdown in March.

Stéphane Berretti, owner of Sodiclair, explains: “The day the lockdown was announced we saw a 45% drop of our activities in France and Italy. The lockdown created a focus on the living space, which made people want to renew their interiors. This trend, combined with our delivery performance, powered by Coulisse, enabled us to continue to perform and ultimately kept our production at 70%’’.

This is the moment to think about your positioning in the digital world. The choices you make now will determine your success in the long run. An important feature of e-commerce is flexibility. You can stay agile to respond to changes in market demand or take advantage of new opportunities.

How are you going to excel in window coverings in this digital age? We see many of our partners taking up this challenge. And of course, we are happy to share the lessons from our own digital transition.

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