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The best energy saving window coverings fabrics

Reflective and heat-resisting backings and coatings to improve energy performance

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Where design meets intelligence

Today the demand for energy saving window coverings is at the highest level ever. Consumers are looking for ways to improve energy performance and save on energy costs in both homes and offices around the world. The search for functional, smart and greener window treatments with the finest quality and style has reached an all-time high. With 30% of heat and coolness being lost through windows*, everyone is looking to reduce heat loss in the colder seasons and reduce unwanted solar heat gain in the hotter seasons. This is where we come in.

Our in-house engineering and R&D department at Coulisse has been working for years on energy saving window coverings that regulate temperatures, improve comfort and lower energy bills. All with beautiful designs, essential colors and tactile textures to fit any interior. Read on to find out more about our energy efficient window covering solutions.

*: Source

Our most popular energy saving window covering

Reflective white backings
We produce stylish black-out fabrics with various energy saving white backings. These fabrics have either an acrylic white coating or a white laminated backing to help reflect sunlight and heat to reduce energy costs.
Discover our reflective white best sellers and order a free swatch.

Heat-resisting pearl coatings
Our M√ľnchen Pearl fabric has been intelligently designed with a special heat-resisting pearl coating on the reverse of the fabric. With a high solar reflection of 82%, this fabric is a must for any home or office building. Saving energy through optimal heat regulation.
Discover our pearl coatings best sellers and order a free swatch.

Aluminum and metalized silver backings
We have an extensive collection of energy saving fabrics that have an aluminum or metalized silver backing to help control heat and light. These backings ensure any future-proof building is energy efficient. Keeping heat out or warmth from escaping depending on the time of year.
Discover our silver backings best sellers
and order a free swatch

Energy-efficient yarns and weaves
Our PVS Screen Asset has a special yarn finishing, which helps to create a cooler indoor climate, whilst ensuring a beautiful view outside. Our PVC Satine fabric has a special weave texture creating this white fabric side to reflect up to 60% of solar energy. A must for business complexes and homes across the globe.
Discover our yarns and weaves best sellers and order a free swatch

Keen to save even more energy?
Integrate these energy-efficient fabrics with must-have smart technology for the ultimate energy saving option. Find out everything about our energy saving window covering solutions and our best sellers.
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