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Smart window coverings for retailers

Motionblinds: ready for the masses, suitable for your range

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Motionblinds: ready for the masses, suitable for your range

Smart home is one of the fastest growing segments within retail now, driven mainly by the advantages in the field of safety, energy efficiency and comfort. With Motionblinds, Coulisse offers a smart window coverings solution that responds seamlessly to this global trend. What are the main buying reasons for smart window coverings and what benefits does Motionblinds offer you as a retailer?

Smart in a minute

Motionblinds stands for more than just motorized window coverings. Simplicity and connectivity are the main drivers behind the smart technology. This is why window coverings that are powered by Motionblinds can be setup and programmed in just a few simple steps. What’s more, the blinds can be operated from anywhere, in almost any way, by combining the manual pull function, stylish remote controls, its own Motionblinds smartphone app, voice control through smart assistants such as Alexa and Google, as well as the possibility to integrate protocols like IFTTT. That’s really smart.

The smart option for retailers

Also for you - as a retailer - Motionblinds offers enormous advantages. Adding Motionblinds to your range immediately leads to a compliant smart home solution for your entire window coverings category. As a result, the average value of purchases will increase significantly and will lead to repeat purchases in the near future. Next to this, it is of course new sales potential in addition to your current range. Watch the video to see Motionblinds in action or read on about the possibilities of Motionblinds within your range.

Why should you choose Motionblinds?

The technology has been developed in such a way that window coverings can also be made smart with Motionblinds retroactively, which is ideal for your customers who purchased window coverings before. In addition, this provides the opportunity to respond directly to the smart home demand without major investments or changes in your range.

Because Motionblinds can be offered as an accessory, in addition to your existing range,it increases the productivity of your shelf, without additional investment in stock. If desired, Motion- Blinds is also available in ready-to-use window coverings. This offers online advantages since consumers have fewer choices to make and can immediately choose from available colors and sizes.

The most distinctive thing about Motionblinds, however, is the seamless integration possibilities between your standard and your made-to-measure range. Both ready-made and custom-made window coverings that are powered by Motionblinds can be operated immediately through one app, using the same functionalities.

Within the Motionblinds concept we have developed a range of marketing services to boost in-store and online sales. Solid product content, images and videos, search engine friendly web texts, displays for promotion and POS to explain the concept to your customers. The website supports users with how-to videos, manuals and answers to frequently asked questions.

Safety, energy efficiency and convenience

The key benefits of smart window coverings perfectly match the main motivators for consumers to make their homes smart: safety, energy efficiency and convenience. First of all, smart window coverings bring lots of convenience as they make life at home even more enjoyable. As part of a smart home ecosystem, where various devices work together, smart window coverings automatically move to the rhythm of your daily life, creating the perfect atmosphere at any time of the day.

Next to this, smart window coverings make homes safer. Thanks to pre-set scenes and timers, they are continuously in motion, making the home always seem inhabited. This helps to prevent break-ins. The smart ‘two way’ protocol of Motionblinds provides real-time feedback on the exact positioning of the blinds in the app, wherever you are. What’s more with smart window coverings, is that children and pets can no longer get tangled in hazardous loops of control cords.

Finally, smart window coverings contribute significantly to energy savings. Consistent closing and opening of blinds can lead to a 6% reduction in the heating costs and energy consumption of a home. Scenarios such as the automatic closing in the evening or as soon as temperatures rise above a certain level, lead directly to energy savings. This effect is further enhanced by the diversity of possibilities to expand these scenarios towards thermostats, heating, air conditioning or other smart home solutions for saving energy.

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