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Shaping Success: The Interlux and Coulisse Partnership

An interview with Interlux

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About Interlux

Founded by Gašper Pintar in 1999, Interlux is a prominent name in the European window coverings industry. The journey began in a modest garage, where the company ventured into trading shading system components. Presently, Interlux operates extensively across Slovenia and Croatia, employing a dedicated team of 15 professionals working from offices, showrooms, and warehouses strategically located in Ljubljana and Zagreb. Exciting developments are on the horizon, with plans for a new 1900m² warehouse and showroom in Zagreb set to emerge in 2024.

A Genuine Partnership

Interlux and Coulisse's paths converged in a pivotal meeting in 2001. Gašper fondly recalls, “Michel Ijzerman persistently sought a meeting, but I initially declined, as we already had an established supplier from Poland. However, when I finally agreed to meet Michel, an immediate connection was forged. We resonated with the same positive energy, shared ideas, and aligned philosophies.” This partnership, bolstered by mutual support and a shared long-term vision, has played a vital role in driving Interlux's growth and achievements over the years. Gašper further emphasizes, “What sets Coulisse apart is their attentive approach to our needs. We're not just customers; we're partners. Coulisse is genuinely invested in helping us expand our business.” He continues, “What resonates with me about Coulisse is their commitment to leading, not following, which is a philosophy I share.”

Venturing into Croatia

In 2002, Interlux embarked on a significant expansion by establishing a presence in Croatia, operating under the name Solelux. Gašper recalls, “We recognized the pivotal importance of catering to the Croatian market with a dedicated showroom and warehouse situated on Croatian soil. This strategic move presented a tremendous opportunity for both Interlux and Coulisse to flourish within the market—a mutually beneficial endeavor.” Gašper firmly asserts, “It's not solely about monetary gains. My objective extends beyond financial success; it's about establishing excellence in business. Creating a better future for my employees, customers, and the market is my foremost goal.”

The Power of marketing

Gašper underlines the paramount importance of marketing in their business, affirming, "Marketing stands as one of the most critical tools for driving sales. Our marketing efforts resonate with both B2C and architects, and Coulisse's comprehensive support across online and offline channels proves to be an invaluable asset. Particularly, Coulisse's social media serves as a great source of inspiration. I believe that expanding the resources to include a library of posts for translation would enable us to further tailor our social media to our market.”

Remembering a pivotal exhibition, he warmly recalls, "During our inaugural presence at a Croatian exhibition, Coulisse made substantial contributions, both in booth design and product promotion, which resulted in securing significant projects.” He adds, "That's why today, I consistently feature Coulisse products in my bids for new business.”

New showroom in 2024

Interlux has an exciting new venture - an innovative showroom that promises to redefine the customer experience. Gašper shares, “Our plans to create an immersive inspiration center are set to kick off in the first quarter of next year. Our vision is to mirror the experience centers that Coulisse is renowned for—a space that seamlessly combines technical expertise with high fashion. It will be a hub of inspiration, serving to both educate and ignite creativity by showcasing all our latest products.” Our aim here is to create a push and pull effect. We want to demonstrate to end consumers, especially architects, the limitless possibilities we offer.”

Embracing A bright future

Interlux stands at the threshold of a promising future marked by expansion and innovation. With the backing of Coulisse's engineering expertise, the company is ready to introduce cutting-edge products—an ideal complement to their upcoming warehouse and showroom project in Zagreb. The allure of emerging markets in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo beckons, ensuring a path of sustained prosperity. Gašper envisions a future brimming with possibilities, sharing, "We have our sights set on a comprehensive configurator for all shades and blinds, and we're eager for Coulisse to help us turn this into a reality. Additionally, we really hope that Coulisse ventures into the exterior shades market, which constitutes a substantial segment of our business.”

Smart home Potential

When it comes to smart home solutions, Gašper comments, “While it may become a future direction, our immediate focus lies in wired motors for KNX systems in contract projects, catering to the conservative nature of the market. However, we do want to put more energy into marketing smart window coverings for the domestic market, as it will be the future.”

Closing thoughts

Gašper concludes, “Passion fuels progress, and Coulisse is a company that shares our core values. Our journey together has been one of remarkable growth.” He adds, “This partnership shows what genuine collaboration and shared vision can yield. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Coulisse for the support I've received throughout the years. Michel, my esteemed partner and dear friend, has played an indispensable role in our success, and I believe Coulisse should take immense pride in having him as a cornerstone of the company. Having interacted with numerous individuals at Coulisse, I have come to know the heart of this organization, with Chris and Michel at its core. After years of partnership, I genuinely feel like a part of the Coulisse family. Let the success continue.”