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The mega trends behind Our design story

3 trends till 2030

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A changing world

According to pioneering trend spotter Marian Salzman in her latest book ‘The New Megatrends’, there are several new trends shaping the world for the next twenty years and we need to be aware of these trends to be able to see clearly in this age of disruption. By predicting the future of business, politics, culture and everyday life, we can look ahead to the future and keep our design relevant for today and tomorrow. Having reviewed all the global new trends, we see three mega trends that stand out at the forefront. And all three have a huge influence on the way we design our collections. The three mega trends that are the basis of our design philosophy are: the rise of tech, well-being and climate change. Read on to find out more.

Meaningful window coverings

We create functional fabrics, advanced systems and smart technology with a sense of beauty, well-being and energy efficiency. We do this by focusing on three main pillars that relate to the three mega trends in the world. Our first pillar is smart and functional. With advancing technology and new innovations, we create smart window coverings that make life easier, safer and more convenient. Our second pillar is beauty and well-being. This is because mental health is of upmost importance and that’s why we create beautiful and tactile fabrics inspired by nature to make life more comfortable. The third and final pillar is impact on the planet. With nature and the environment being very important to us, we develop window coverings that are good for the planet.


Nowadays it is important to have smart and functional window coverings that help control light, glare, temperature, acoustics and save energy. That’s why we develop special energy-saving fabrics and Motionblinds smart technology to make people’s lives easier, safer and more comfortable. We think about flame-retardancy, better light control, improved acoustics, a comfortable climate and glare control for easy and convenient living.

Pillar two: Beauty and well-being

Mental health is important for our emotional, psychological and social well-being. For this reason, we create window coverings that are inspired by the beauty of nature with soft forms and tactile textures to make people’s lives happier. When we design according to this pillar, we think of nature inspired fabrics, natural colors, wood for comfort and warmth. We really believe that being surrounded by beauty creates positivity and soulful living for everyone.


Climate change is threatening the way we live, and we need to take urgent action before it's too late. This is the reason we create conscious window coverings, with recycled yarns, that are made with real purpose to benefit the environment we live in and enrich our lives. We take responsibility for our ecological footprint and have made the responsible choice to downsize our collections and create energy-saving fabrics. We choose materials that can stand the test of time, rather than fast-fashion.


Are you keen to know more about our design story and the mega trends that influence our design? Then feel free to contact your sales representative who will be happy to help explain our collections and their relevance in the world today. In the words of Marian Salzman, “In a world dominated by disruption, being prepared for change is a critical advantage” and that’s why we need “to understand the shape and texture of the next era, which, above all, will be marked by a relentless pace, new technology, and ever-present threats of climate change and socio-political sectarianism”. That’s how we continue to stay ahead of the game in the window covering world. Be inspired!

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