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ABB Strengthens Eve Motionblinds Position in the Smart Home Market

Shaping the future of energy efficient environments

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Eve becomes part of ABB

ABB has officially announced its acquisition of Eve Systems GmbH, the renowned Munich-based company specializing in smart home products including Eve Motionblinds. With a strong presence in Europe and the United States, Eve Systems has established itself as a leader in the industry. This strategic move positions ABB as a key player in the smart home market, particularly in relation to the innovative Matter and Thread technologies that enable seamless interoperability and wireless connectivity. By combining their expertise, ABB and Eve Systems are set to enhance the delivery of safe, intelligent, and energy-efficient homes and buildings. The acquisition marks an exciting milestone as ABB solidifies its commitment to shaping the future of smart living environments.

Who’s ABB?

As a prominent technology leader in electrification and automation, ABB plays a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and resource-efficient world. Leveraging their deep engineering expertise and cutting-edge software solutions, ABB is revolutionizing the way things are manufactured, moved, powered, and operated. With a rich history spanning over 130 years, ABB has established itself as a trusted innovator, driven by a workforce of approximately 105,000 dedicated employees. Together, they are committed to pushing boundaries and accelerating industrial transformation through groundbreaking advancements.

Growing demand for a greener and smarter future

In response to the surging demand for smart home technology and the rising consumer interest in energy efficiency, ABB has made a strategic move by acquiring Eve Systems. This acquisition comes at a crucial time, as authorities worldwide are emphasizing the importance of retrofitting existing buildings to reduce carbon emissions. ABB's acquisition of Eve Systems positions them as a leader in the smart home sector, enabling them to meet the evolving demands of consumers and contribute to a more sustainable future. By combining their expertise, ABB and Eve Systems are poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance energy efficiency, while providing seamless integration and convenience for homeowners. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in ABB's commitment to revolutionizing the way we live and build for a greener, smarter future.

What ABB had to say

ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings Division President, Mike Mustapha said: “Our focus is on being the best and most comprehensive provider of smart technology and innovation for our global customers. Matter and Thread, in which Eve is a leader, is a game changing development for the uptake of smart home technology. It allows different devices and services to integrate flawlessly, intuitively, and securely, making it possible for people to manage their energy, and their surroundings conveniently and safely. It is an exciting point of growth for the industry and this acquisition brings our smart buildings commitment directly to the consumer.”

What Eve had to say

Eve Systems’ CEO Jerome Gackel said: “Building on our heritage, pace of innovation and brand, we will now be combining our passion, agility and experience with ABB’s international caliber, reputation, and expertise to keep growing Eve as a global leader. The journey to making buildings even smarter has only just started, and I am as excited as anyone to see its potential fully realized.”

What does this mean for Eve Motionblinds customers and partners?

The acquisition of Eve Systems by ABB brings promising prospects for Eve Motionblinds customers and partners. ABB's commitment to delivering energy-efficient homes and buildings aligns with Eve Systems’ and Motionblinds’ vision, ensuring that customers will continue to benefit from innovative solutions and advancements in the smart home market. Rest assured, the acquisition means an even better future for Eve Motionblinds.