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Coulisse launches motor range with Apple HomeKit technology for interior window coverings

At R+T Digital 2021, Coulisse is launching a range of motors with Apple HomeKit technology, in collaboration with smart home specialist Eve Systems from Munich, Germany. The range, that includes wireless motors for roller blinds, Venetian blinds, cellular shades and curtains, aims at making motorized blinds accessible as a mass-product. Designed to create a delightful user experience, it drastically simplifies the use of a motorized blind by enabling installation, automation and control directly on the iPhone. The range, that as the first in the market includes the new home connectivity standard Thread, will become available soon.

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Cost-effective game changer in installation and use

The new range is an extension of the Coulisse automation concept, called Motionblinds, and the result of the collaboration with Eve Systems, a leader in the development of accessories for the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. The motors allow for super easy installation, programming and control of the blind with your iPhone. Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems: ‘As the blinds connect via Bluetooth, the set-up does not require any gateway or bridge. By simply scanning a QR code, the blinds are automatically and securely set-up, ready to be controlled by app or voice. In just a few seconds you are done.' Software-updates for activation of the latest features and user-experience improvements appear automatically in the Eve app. As a result, limited to no service or support is required after installation.

Christiaan Roetgering, owner and CEO of Coulisse. ‘Thanks to the Eve software, this new motor range is a gamechanger in the interior window coverings market. The simplicity of both installation and use is unmatched. All complexity is eliminated, and the installation time drastically reduced. Combined with the fact that you don’t need a hub anymore this offers major cost advantages. It opens up the way to make motorized blinds available to a broad audience and widely embraced as a product that brings joy and value to everyday life in the home.’

Part of a secure and connected smart home ecosystem

The blinds seamlessly and securely interact with other HomeKit certified accessories, like for example light bulbs, thermostats, movement detectors and other sensor-based accessories. Once connected, the blinds instantly are part of a smart home ecosystem, in which smart devices automatically interact in creating the desired ambiance, safety and comfort at any time of day. The motor range is designed to safeguard user privacy in every step of the way. Instead of relying on a cloud, like most applications, all data and intelligence are stored locally on the motor, which means data exchanged in the home stays in the home.

Future-proof with Thread

With the integration of Thread, Coulisse and Eve take a head start in the connected home future that awaits the blinds industry. Jerome Gackel: ‘Not only is Thread the third native protocol used by Apple HomeKit, complementing Bluetooth and WLAN. It will also be a corner stone of project CHIP (Connected Home over IP), the smart home standard of the future that is currently being developed by Google, Amazon, Apple and numerous IoT-manufacturers. Thread is sure to become the new standard in low-power home networking which makes our new motors a future-proof choice.’

Seamless integration with Coulisse window coverings offering

The launch of the new range is a milestone in the nearly 30 years’ history of Coulisse as an innovator in the window coverings industry. ‘We are convinced smart home is the future and will disrupt our industry in the coming years.’, says Christiaan Roetgering. ‘With this new range, we offer our customers the unique opportunity to spearhead into this future. Since the range is part of our fully integrated window coverings offering, in which systems, collections and automation seamlessly and aesthetically come together in one concept, it furthermore allows our customers to simplify and optimize their offering.’


Eve Motionblinds motors available from early 2022

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