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Leading Coulisse Americas to Operational Excellence

A conversation with Julien Hardy, Director of Operations

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With a distinguished career, Julien has cultivated expertise in global operations management. Prior to joining Coulisse in Miami, he held the position of Global Operations Manager at a renowned U.S.-based logistics company with clients in 170 countries worldwide. Since September 2018, he has been a vital member of the Coulisse team, currently holding the esteemed role of Operations & Supply Chain Manager in the United States. This is what Julien had to say:

Multifaceted Role

As the Director of Operations at Coulisse, Julien oversees a wide array of critical functions within the organization. In this multifaceted role, he manages and coordinates operations, procurement, finance, human resources, and IT activities, drawing on both internal and external resources. This collaborative approach extends to the dedicated team at Coulisse BV, with whom he works closely to execute the board's strategic vision for the business in the United States and across the Americas in close partnership with Managing Director Jop Vos. Julien's extensive 14-year management background in a US-based 3PL positions him well to drive operational excellence and contribute to the success of Coulisse.

Delivering maximum value

The most critical aspect of Julien’s role is to create an environment within the organization that not only supports but propels Coulisse's growth in the Americas. It's all about optimizing the operations to extract the highest maximum value from the company's endeavors. From a logistical perspective, Julien plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction, as evidenced by this year's successful achievement of the bonded warehouse. At present, 40% of the inventory is duty-free, and the goal is to reach 100% by year-end. This significant milestone translates into reduced lead times.

Free Trade Zone

A remarkable milestone includes the recent launch of a free trade zone at Coulisse’s Miami distribution center. This strategic move has not only improved the company’s operational efficiency but has also provided cost advantages in terms of importing and exporting products. It's a step that aligns perfectly with the company’s commitment to enhancing customer service and optimizing the supply chain. These initiatives reflect the dedication to continuous improvement and ensuring that the company is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the customers and the competitive demands of the market. It’s exciting that Coulisse can now serve double the demand from the previous year.

Promising Future

Julien sees an incredibly promising future at Coulisse with several exciting developments and expansion plans on the horizon. One of the company's key initiatives is to expand its presence in the market. To achieve this, Coulisse is actively growing its sales team, bringing in top talent to engage with customers and build stronger relationships. This strategic move will allow the company to have a more significant presence and better meet the unique needs of its clients. In terms of product development, the company is investing in innovative solutions including advancements in smart home automation and high-quality materials, aligning with the growing trends in these areas. Furthermore, Coulisse is focused on enhancing the customer experience by streamlining its ordering and delivery processes, providing better support, and ensuring that the clients have access to the latest product information and design trends. The future is looking bright.