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Meet Mascha Wering

Product Manager Hardware and Motionblinds at Coulisse

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Today, let's get to know Mascha Wering, the driving force behind the Hardware and Motionblinds segment at Coulisse. With her wealth of knowledge, she will shed light on her multifaceted role, share about the latest offerings in the Motionblinds product range, hint at what's coming next in this smart tech, and discuss how Coulisse supports its customers in the fast-paced smart window coverings industry.

Could you tell us about your role at Coulisse?

As the Product Manager for Hardware and Motionblinds, I work closely with almost every department at Coulisse, from Sales and Marketing to Engineering, R&D, Purchasing, and Supply Chain. My role involves overseeing the entire life cycle of our products, from the initial stages of development to their eventual phase-out. I started by managing only Motionblinds, but earlier this year, I expanded my responsibilities to include hardware as well, since our motors are always integrated into hardware systems.

What does your typical day look?

A typical day for me is engaging and multifaceted. I wear various hats, balancing different tasks, which can be challenging yet highly enjoyable. My role involves closely monitoring our product development and evaluating its business potential. I approach this by first assessing the market demand and the product's likelihood of selling well. Once a product is developed, I focus on the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, to guide the process. This includes preparing product information for brochures, ensuring a competitive market price, identifying suitable markets, developing customer training programs for comprehensive product understanding and teaming up with the marketing department to devise impactful promotional strategies.

Could you share with us your career journey at Coulisse?

I have worked at Coulisse for eight years. My professional journey here began in the customer service and internal sales sector of our DIY department, catering to our retail clientele. Later, I transitioned into the sales department for components in the Benelux region, where my focus started revolving around Motionblinds. I collaborated with partners like ABB to optimize the implementation of Motionblinds. When presented with the choice between pursuing a sales manager role or a product manager, it felt natural for me to progress into the product manager role.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love being a specialist at Coulisse, a role that aligns perfectly with my interests and skills at this stage of my career. What I particularly enjoy about my current position is the opportunity to work with hardware, a more technical area that challenges and excites me. Although some might consider it a predominantly male-dominated field, I appreciate the dynamism and complexity it brings. Furthermore, engaging with smart home technology, such as Motionblinds, allows me to have diverse conversations with our customers, expanding beyond conventional window decorations.

What are the upcoming goals for Motionblinds?

Our primary objective is to establish Motionblinds as the leading name in smart window coverings. We aim to remain future-oriented, with a focus on added value and simplicity. This commitment extends throughout the manufacturing process, as well as to the seller, installer, and ultimately, the customer at home, ensuring that our motorized window coverings are easy to integrate into every home. Additionally, in line with our desire to make smart window coverings broadly accessible, we plan to roll out multiple motors in the Eve variant, integrated with Matter and Thread, across every product category within this year.

What new innovations can customers look forward to?

Absolutely. We've recently added the new Balanced Roller and self-developed smart curtain rail to our product lineup, following the introduction of the Eve motor for rollers and the honeycomb motor earlier this year. Looking ahead, we're excited about the launch of the Eve Curtain Motor, a versatile solution accommodating Roller, Venetian, Roman XL, and Curtain Motor in 12V – 24V, equipped with Matter, Thread, and 433mhz. Furthermore, we're working on an innovative product called Smart Frame, designed for tilt-turn windows and expected to be available by the end of the year. This product represents a technological breakthrough unprecedented in the market.

How do you support customers in selling Motionblinds effectively?

Recognizing the complexity of this market, we support our customers in numerous ways. We provide technical support, marketing materials, training at Coulisse and on-site, assist with showroom setups and POS material for retailers. Our e-learning systems and support website are also readily available to ensure our customers have the resources they need to succeed.

How do you maintain industry relevancy?

Innovation is at the heart of Coulisse. We closely monitor the latest trends, but we prioritize practicality and long-term solutions in our hardware and motors for every player in the supply chain. Our involvement with technological advancements is evident in our adoption of Matter and Thread protocols, as well as our membership in the CSA, the founding body of Matter. Our partnerships with tech giants like Eve, ABB, Google, and Samsung speak volumes about our forward-thinking approach. Our aim is to be a reliable partner, possessing in-depth knowledge, expertise, and foresight in the market while exploring new opportunities for our customers.

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