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Coulisse at Milan Design Week 2024

Our Top 7 Takeaways Shaping the Future of Textile Design

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As the world's design capital, Milan Design Week 2024 was a hub of inspiration and innovation. Our team, including Creative Director Catharina Idema and Textile Product Manager Esterel Roetgering, immersed themselves in the vibrant world of textile trends, uncovering the latest developments that are poised to transform the industry. Let's dive into these trends and discover how they shape the future of interior aesthetics.

Indoor Melts with Outdoor

This trend beautifully bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. Imagine the seamless transition—materials, textures, and colors flowing effortlessly from your interior sanctuary to your outdoor haven. Natural hues dominate, with soft beiges, greys, and greens taking center stage. Brands like Poliform and Dedar showcased exquisite colors, textures and designs that blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The result? A harmonious blend of comfort and nature. View trend.

Pristine Pureness

In a world that often feels chaotic, the Pure Simplicity trend offers solace. It celebrates simplicity, purity, and stillness. Picture pristine whites with subtle variations in texture—a canvas of calm. But there's more: these whites come with a luxurious twist, incorporating recycled materials and beautiful textures and shapes. It's a serene palette that whispers elegance. View trend.

Earth Color Terra

Earthy tones—reminiscent of sun-kissed terracotta—dominated Milan Design Week. Rounded shapes, inspired by Japanese and Korean design, evoke a sense of groundedness. At Coulisse, we've woven these warm terra hues into our texture-rich palette. Think cozy, inviting, and deeply connected to the earth. View trend.

Allure of Wood

Wood stole the show in Milan. Crafted by skilled artisans, it appeared in organic, unconventional shapes. Oak and American walnut exuded warmth and character. Whether it's a sculptural lamp or a sleek sideboard, wood remains timeless. View trend.

Textural Weavings and Organic Designs

Milan emphasized textures over grandeur. Natural, organic patterns seamlessly blended with textural weavings. Brands like Arte showcased captivating wallpapers, while Moooi hosted an exhibition titled ‘A Life Extraordinary’, which reflected a living, breathing room while presenting new designs by Cristián Mohaded and BCXSY, as well as a series of carpet and wall coverings. The designs were in new materials, such as fabrics and wood and all about tactile comfort and understated beauty. View trend.

Nature's Green Embrace

Green—the color of renewal, harmony, and life—dominated Milan Design Week 2024, symbolizing our deep connection to nature. From lush foliage to muted sage, this rejuvenating hue captivated designers and attendees alike. Click below to explore our trend mood board and discover our brand-new fabric in this sought-after shade that is poised to transform the world of interiors. View trend.

Powerful and Colorful Design

This trend is about the emotional power of color and design. Exhibitions by tech giants like Google and Samsung showcased vibrant, poetic displays that showcased how design can profoundly impact our emotions and perceptions. Meanwhile, the Rosanna Orlandi gallery offered a truly enchanting experience, blending design and art to create spaces that stirred the senses. This trend underscores the growing recognition that design transcends mere aesthetics, instead crafting experiences that resonate deeply with our inner selves. View trend.

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As a valued Coulisse customer, we invite you to explore these new textile trends and consider how you can infuse them into your next collection. Schedule an appointment with our Textiles and Wood Product Manager, Esterel, or with our Honeycell and Pleated Product Manager, Fenna, to discuss how you can update your textile collection and stay ahead of the curve. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to discover the latest textiles trending this year and beyond.

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