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General recommendation regarding recycling

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General recommendation regarding recycling

There will be a moment in a products lifecycle that it reaches the end of its functionality and the product needs to be disposed responsibly. Since Coulisse products are modular and the materials used are suitable for recycling, this can be achieved relatively simple. Coulisse has the following approach towards recycling.

After the lifecycle of your product, Coulisse recommends to take your product apart and separate the components such as the bottom bar, the controller, the head rail or tube and finally the fabric or wood. Once dismantled, sort the materials into the proper material groups. Generally, a Coulisse product consists of metals, such as aluminium or steel, hard plastics, mostly polyester based textiles and for some products, wood.

Offer the separate materials to your local waste recycling facility. There the materials can be disposed of per material type in a responsible manner. Thank you for making an impact!

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