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Margit Duijker talks digital

Customer satisfaction and digital mastery

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Customer satisfaction and digital mastery

With channels becoming more transparent and e-platforms growing rapidly, digitization is a hot topic. In the past few years, Coulisse has taken steps towards digitization within various disciplines and departments. Margit Duijker, Director E-Business at Coulisse: "The world is a disruptive environment in which developments follow each other in rapid succession. Customer engagement is the future and of great importance to Coulisse. It is a perfect way to distinguish yourself. Next to this, we have to work agile in order to respond much faster to market needs and technological developments, which perfectly fits our ambition to excel in window coverings.”

Optimal customer experience

“In its most elementary form, digitization is the simplification of processes to grow efficiently and effectively. The form we want to see at Coulisse goes further. It is a fundamental change of the organization as a whole, driven by a digital vision. To respond to market trends and developments, omnichannel is the code word of digital transformation. Our partners, regardless of time, channel or device, must get the same customer experience everywhere. By the mainstream audience, digitization is not always seen as something positive as people are afraid of losing personal contact. However, by automating standard processes, more time is remained to increase the personal touch and add value as a real window coverings advisor. At Coulisse, we see it as a futureproof solution to approach our partners in an even more proactive way, which offers them a wide range of benefits.”

For the past few months, Margit has been working as Director E-Business, a new position in which she can put her previous experience to good use. "As Director E-Business, it's all about creating a conclusive online customer journey that is aligned with the needs of our customers. It is truly about the digital journey of our customers. By collecting data and feedback, we can optimize this digital journey and work on our customers’ loyalty.”

My Coulisse

“At Coulisse, we fully service our partners through our new customer portal, which was launched last December. On the totally revamped My Coulisse, we want to make the life of our customer more convenient, by providing a new online order process, product information, service, e-learning and above all inspiration.”

Digital mastery

“The focus is shifting from products to technology-driven services, making good digital services important than ever. Organizations that are successfully digitally transforming, are strategically deploying technology trends such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics to gain - and maintain - a competitive edge. Technology that fits into their digital vision and strengthens their strategic positioning. When this is accomplished successfully, digital mastery is achieved."

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